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Glass ceilings

Glass ceilings are a relatively new solution in room decoration. The popularity of these systems is due to the mass of advantages, as well as their ability to create various light and color effects in the interior. For this, glass ceilings are equipped with LED, fluorescent or spotlights. Thanks to this, it is possible to visually increase the space, make bright accents, give the room lightness and weightlessness.

Glass ceilings are environmentally friendly, waterproof, but able to transmit light. In addition, they perform several functions at the same time: they can act as a stylish element of decor and expand the space, as well as be used as a supporting structure.
Besides visual appeal, the glass ceiling systems allow you to create original and unusual lighting effects. Using lamps of different brightness and color, you can select only a few areas of the ceiling surface. Due to its moisture resistance, the glass ceiling in the bathroom is very appropriate. In this case, the entire surface can glow with bright light, or the lamps can be placed on panels, for example, in a checkerboard pattern.

Backlight provides uniform lighting in the room. At the same time, the glass suspended ceiling does not distort the visual perception of space even if the lamps are located at different points on the surface. Thanks to this, you can get the most natural room lighting.
Glass ceilings with lighting have the following advantages:
• functionality - behind the system you can easily hide various engineering systems;
• aesthetics - the interior acquires individuality and a special style;
• moisture resistance - this property allows the use of glass ceilings for the bathroom, in the kitchen, in the pool and other rooms with high humidity;
• simplicity and reliability of installation - installation can be carried out without preliminary preparation of the surface, eliminating the performance of ‘dirty work’;
• variety of configurations - glass ceilings can be made in any sizes needed by the customer;
• ease of maintenance - the surface of the ceiling can be cleaned with detergents that are designed to care for glass.
Giovani Glass company performs the design of glass ceiling systems, as well as manufactures and carries out their installation. To increase the level of reliability and safety of operation, we cover the surface with a special protective film.

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