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Unique interior with mirrored walls

The use of mirrors in the interior of various premises - is by no means a new idea, but today the second birth of this tradition is given by designers and architects, inventing new and new ways of unusual use of mirror surfaces. For example, mirror walls are popular, that is, walls that are partially or completely mirrored.
Earlier mirrors in the house played a utilitarian role, but now they are given a much more responsible role, and the mirrors can be entirely attributed to the main elements that form the interior of rooms. A mirrored wall is one of the most amazing "mirror" solutions for interior design.

A fully mirrored wall is a great way to visually increase the room almost twice. True, the space reflected in the integral mirror surface seems so real that it can even be unintentionally forgotten. For this and a number of other reasons, the walls are usually faced with several mirrored panels, the borders between which allow to remember about the boundary of reality.

Partially mirrored walls in the house - an affordable solution for those who want to benefit from the use of the mirror in the interior, but is not yet ready to turn one of the walls in the room into a solid mirror. In addition, today, the mirror can be provided in almost any decorative form, which is already attractive, and therefore partial finishing of the walls is also popular.

Attaching the mirror to the wall is usually done by using a special glue. Metal structures can also be used for mounting. The glue is possible if the walls are fairly smooth, and the profile constructions are used, if the surface of the walls has significant inequalities. The mirror can be both colorless and tinted - it all depends on the design concept. To protect from mechanical damage, the rear surface of the mirror is covered with a special paint: it does not allow the mirror layer to get scratched.
Mirror walls, whether they are made of large mirrored panels or mirrored tiles, always become a highlight of the interior, attracting attention. Therefore, it is impossible to prevent the mirror walls from being of poor quality materials. You also need to pay attention to the finishing quality of mirrors: their edges should be even and safe.

Giovani Glass will offer you the best mirror quality and a wide selection of designs. We will create a unique interior for you.
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