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Illumination for mirrors

Among the sanitary appliances and stylish furnishings in the bathroom, the mirror is an important detail. This item is multifunctional, practical, and if picked up in tone to the design of the bathroom, it also performs a decorative function. Widespread popularity of the bathroom mirrors with built-in backlighting. Such models do not require the use of additional lighting devices, therefore, there is no need to think about where to hang a lamp.

illumination for mirrors
illumination for mirrors
The main nuance in selecting a mirror with illumination is the right lighting lamps located. From the place of its localization will depend on the quality of reflection, shadow and color. In addition, the mirror will reflect part of the interior of the bathroom, which also plays a role. The included illumination determines the appearance of the mirror and its compatibility with the design of the room.

The main task of the light bulbs in the illumination is the proper transmission of all the details of reflection: a person must see himself without a voltage of the eye. The backlight should not blur or vice versa to make the display too sharp. As the bulbs are heated, high-quality backlighting can easily eliminate the appearance of condensation at temperature variations.

Among the large variety of mirror products, they are divided by one principle, according to the type of backlighting. models are:

- with external illumination;
- with internal illumination;
- with decorative illumination.
illumination for mirrors
illumination for mirrors

Mirrors with external illumination or external illumination are most popular today. Such success in consumers is due to the possibility of using remote lighting. Mirrors are equipped with connectors for inserting various video, fixtures and sconces, or they may have an attachment to the arrangement of lighting devices in close proximity to the mirror. This type of illumination allows to illuminate not only the mirror itself, but also placed near other objects: a locker, shelves

The next type of backlighting is the interior, which is provided with LED strips or blocks. Such light bulbs are usually placed under a matte glass so that the light does not cut their eyes. The advantage of this backlighting is the detail of the reflection. In addition, this version of the mirror will look spectacular in the room bathroom.

illumination for mirrors
illumination for mirrors
The last kind of illumination is decorative, which is intended to perform only the function of completing the design of the bathroom style. With such illumination, high-quality lighting is unlikely to come out, but the romance can be added to the bathroom. LEDs are located around the perimeter of the rim of the mirror. They may have different colors. it is important that this illumination can be turned off at any time to avoid distortion of the display.
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