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How to hang decorative mirrors?

decorative mirror
decorative mirror
Decorative mirrors are used for various purposes, two of which are to give the room a special look and larger size. To achieve these goals, you need to know how to hang a mirror. To hang correctly is not only to add depth to the room, but also to make it look like a work of art.

Ideally, decorative mirrors are hung in such a way as to reflect something interesting. Decorators usually get mirrors to reflect collections of art, flower vases, or nature. In the placement of mirrors to achieve such goals, there must be some creative impulse. Such mirrors imply that objects will be visible from different directions. If you like nature, consider mirroring so that the view of nature on the street moves into your room. Obviously, this use is not recommended for mirrors in which you look and evaluate your reflection.

decorative mirror
decorative mirror
As for security, of course, it should be in the first place. No matter how small the decorative mirror looks, always remember that they are heavier than they appear. To ensure their stability in place and to minimize the risk of them falling, use strong studs to secure them. If in doubt, go to the hardware store and buy a few molly bolts or contact a specialist for help.

Mirrors should be hung at eye level to make it easier to see your image. Mirrors installed for consumer use are ideal for bathrooms, walk-in closets or hallways. These are the places where people, when dressed, usually value their reflection.
decorative mirror
decorative mirror
Create a spectacular look by contrasting the mirror with your decor. If your style is modern, add a daring accent by hanging an antique decorative mirror in the room. For the artsy style, the simplest mirror is suitable, as a basic part, to dilute this style. Placing mirrors of different sizes in any place also gives a special character to the room.

Placing the light source opposite the mirror gives the impression of greater illumination. In small rooms, this actually adds brightness, as light is reflected back. Pendant mirrors in small bathrooms and hallways are ideal for creating this kind of effect. You might also consider placing photos around a decorative mirror to create beautiful scenes or a genre picture.
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